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World Cup 2010: Middle Earth vs Shitaly [Live Blog]

0 min Didn’t watch Paraguay vs Slovakia.  Apparently Paraguay won 2-0 and there was much rejoicing.

I don’t know about you but I’m predicting a bit of a hiding in this game.  Lets go Italy 3 New Zealand 0.  I mean lets be real here.  This match is The Best Italian Footballers in the World versus Wellington Phoenix FC.

90 min Huh, look at that.  1-1.  Still, New Zealand face Group leaders Paraguay in the final round whereas Italy play Slovakia so you’d expect Italy to still progress quite comfortably here.

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  1. How are you feeling matt? New Zealand a country up to fuck all at football making a draw against the world champs! I guess I had to say something. All whites fever down here!

  2. 7th min: dodgey offside/push of doom shank into the bottom corner after 10 mins of elbowing our players in the face..

    32min: Excellent use of experience and know-how to alert the referee of more dirty new zealander tactics..

    Brutal game.. but I am impressed.

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