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Because this blog wasn’t getting enough badgers

6:45AM I wake up and drag myself out of bed.

7:30AM I take Sophie to work, and I prepare for my end-of-semester Psychology exam at 9:30

9:00AM Arrive at uni. Bitch about how awful this semester’s been with Hayley and Renee in the uni refectory.

9:40AM Do the exam. Oh My God! I do the two-hour exam in twenty minutes flat. I work out that of 52 multiple-choice questions, I guessed 36 of them.

10:15AM Walk out of the exam room. I never spend more time in there than I have to. Go shopping for the EPIC housewarming party at Kat’s house.

11:30AM Turn up at Kat’s house. No one’s home. I go home and read the newspaper for a bit.

12:30PMTurn up at Kat’s house. People are there! I help set up the BBQ.

12:30PM-10:30PM The next ten hours are spent drinking, barbecuing chunks of meat, talking about dance music to Lee and Vince, bouncing around to happy hardcore techno, downing tequila, and discussing the various effects of drugs. Lee tells us about this awesome club in Northbridge called “Heat”, which plays hard house, happy hardcore and jungle/drumnbass. I’m thrilled, since I’m quite sick and tired of attending the same nightclubs over and over again (Perth has only two that I know of that doesn’t play hip hop). We make plans to visit there tonight.

10:30PM We make our way into Northbridge and meet up at the Paramount club. Music there is unimpressive hip hop crap.

11:30PM We leave Paramount. Lee has no idea where Heat is. We ask directions from random people. Eventually, we find our way there. Entry is $30. What the hell? Turns out there’s an international dj event happening that night. Music coming out of Heat is hip hop. What the hell? We leave in disgust.

Every nightclub that we pass on the way back to Paramount has loud hip hop music coming out of it.

1:00AM Back to Paramount and the UBER LINE OF DOOM. No hip hop! Live band on downstairs playing Bon Jovi! and Guns and Roses! and club music upstairs. Too many people.

2:30AM I’d had enough of Bon Jovi covers and decide to leave. My car’s waiting at Kat’s house, and everyone else who was driving has already left. I catch a taxi back to Kat’s house.

3:00AM Kat’s house is dark and everyone’s gone to sleep. I drive home and pass out.

Crap exam, good party, crap night out. Why do I feel like I can’t relate to fellow clubbers? I am deeply unimpressed. I swear this is why I don’t go out anymore.

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