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It’s been a pretty full week.

Every Tuesday after my Videogames 101 class, I got to the tav with Rebecca and get drunk in time by midday. This week, I was all set to go when Rebecca is like ‘I can’t come drinking today’ and I’m all ‘Why not?’ and she’s all ‘It’s my dog’s birthday so I have to go home and prepare for his party’.

Bah. Stupid dog.

So I decided to make a new best friend in Videogames 101. I asked my namesake Edwina if she wanted to come but she had to go home and study. Meh. So I asked this girl Bronwen who agreed to come drinking with me. I think it was a sympathy thing because I had hardly talked to her all semester and when we got to the tav, she ‘fessed up that she doesn’t drink beer much (read: not at all). Still it was nice of her to hang out and me and Rebecca are going to drag her out again next week and try and get her properly drunk.

My neighbour Jason was in a car accident. He was hit by Scott Parks, the millionaire real estate guy. So Jason took a couple of days off work and is trying to find a neck brace so he can milk this. Good luck to him.

As a side story, Jason’s wife Hisayo recently gave birth to their first child. Me and Kolitha went down to act all uncle-like to the baby. We’re all having a good time when Jason is like ‘hey…lil’ Joel looks a lot like you’. Everyone goes quiet and everyone looks at me and then at Jason’s wife. Jason starts laughing and then we all follow. For a second there, I thought he was serious.

The Less Than Jake show last night was awesome and was probably about the best show I’ve ever been to. A large Asian girl tried macking on me which wasn’t very cool but other than that, it was all groovy. Recap of the show will be up tomorrow when normal posting on the site resumes.

Rugby World Cup today. I’ve got a slab of cheap beer, the phone off the hook and I’m all set. Go Argentina go!!

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man. less than jake are the fucking best live band.

Posted by mike @ 10/10/2003 04:26 PM AST

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