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First post of 2004~! Things didn’t really turn out how I expected. I didn’t think my New Years Eve night would only be four hours long or that I’d wake up 8 the next morning to do my uni assignment. Let me recap since the last post which left off at the Christmas Eve Eve Party. On Christmas Eve, we ...

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New Years In Aberdeen

New Years in Aberdeen: There was supposed to be this street party but due to the worst weather of the YEAR, the stage blew away. Yes the stage blew away, how does a stage blow away. So as a substitute i hung out with a few people i have come to know here and went to a party. We get ...

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New Years (Brunei)

9.00 AM – Wake up.  It’s absolutely pissing down with rain. 9.45 AM – Phone Chloe and ask if she is coming to Goodview Hotel for New Years.  She says ‘maybe’.  That obviously means ‘no, fuck off’.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn. 10.00 AM  Put pants on. 11.00 AM  Mike and Matt arrive.  Play Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast and start physically ...

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Dan’s New Year (Perth)

Away from the shores of Brunei I had an opportunity to make this New Year a lot of fun. I think I succeeded. Woke up at 8.30 am, and decided that it was too early to get up. So I went back to sleep and got up at around 10 am. Hey, I’m on holiday.  After an indeterminable length of ...

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Pat’s New Year (Canada)

To say in one word, i can describe new years as “eventful”. I was supposed to be at about three places including a smoke up session, a dinner and a party in a nearby town. So being the weirdo I am, I decided to go to the nearby town party. So I get picked up and go there. It takes ...

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