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I Could Write The Best Book on Underage Tragedy

i’d like to start by saying that i’m really digging the new Less than Jake album “Anthem”. it’s really good. “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long time and i wish i’d written it.

got another great bargin from ebay today. saved a good $100 on the rrp. you may think that $200 is a bit pricy for a microphone. but trust me, the specs on this baby (not to mention stuff that i’ve heard recorded with it) easily put it in league with mics that cost well over a grand. now’s all i gots to do is gets me a good pre-amp.

a guy from work lent me a book to read. “The Dirt”. it’s a semi-autobiographical book about the life and times of Motely Crue. now, i’ve never been a big fan of them. but it’s a fucking good read. you would not believe the ammount of sex, drugs and fucked up shit these guys have done. it’s pretty damn hardcore and it makes you want to be a rockstar.

work got a little more interesting this week. we’re now focusing on an outbound campagin contacting shops across australia, on behalf of Philip Morris, informing them to remove Marlboro rolling tobacco due to issues with the ‘quality’ of it. i wonder what really happened? probably some poor mexican cleaner fell into one of the mixing vats and someone found one of his fingers in a pouch. wouldn’t surprise me.

6th season of the x-files is finally out on region 4 dvd. so i think i shall be purchasing it in the upcoming weeks. though first i gotta pay off that microphone. not much else to report. well. on the weekend went bowling again with like half the people from work. $30 a head for 2 games of bowling, a burger and 3 hours of unlimited bar access. it was pretty fucking sweet. bowling and beer are a great mix.

bah. i have to get up at 6 tomorrow. fuck.

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