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Systematic corrosion of the core system

i know not what to write. but i feel i should because i haven’t done so in a while. i am anxiously awaiting my Heroclix ebay auctions to arrive. 2 starter packs and 4 boosters. hopefully it will be a fun game to play. or at the very least i will have some neat looking mini action figures. what shits me is that both the starters and boosters are the DC Hypertime set. no Marvel stuff. which means i will have to go out and purchase a Marvel Infinity Challenge starter at retail price. arse. may be worth it if i can score one of those Sentinels though.

tomorrow erin and i are off to see reel big fish. that should be fun. tickets were a bit expensive but they probably won’t come around this part of the world for a long while after. and anyways…they gave me a raise at work. $16.50/hr. sweet. i’m in the money.

oh. i have a little bit of comics news for you all. as some of you may or may not know, there is a resurgance of classic 80s comic books happening at the moment in the industry. one such title receiving the “re-vamp” treatment is Transformers. it is currently being published by Canada’s Dreamwave Studios. Dreamwave purchased the rights to publish Transformer comics in North America from the owers Hasbro. This seems all well and good. However. In September at a recent book fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Diamond Publications were present to show their wares to the literary world. for those that don’t know Diamond are the single largest worldwide distributor of comics. they also publish a monthly ‘Previews’ catalouge which showcases all the mainstream (and a fair few independant) comics that are to be released. anyways. at the book fair Hasbro approached the Diamond reps and said something along the lines of “what the fuck are you guys doing selling this Transformers stuff out side of north america?” you see as i mentioned before Dreamwave can only publish the books in North America, but Diamond distributes worldwide. so obviously the ‘lawsuit alarms’ have begun ringing because all international orders for upcoming transformers books have been cancelled and it is going to cause havok for retailers who will have to be refunded by Diamond and in turn refund their (pre-order) customers. you can smell the chaos already…

erin and i watched ‘Better than Chocolate’ this week. it’s a good movie. i expected it to be full of typical gay/lesbian cliches. but it wasn’t. it was a fun movie.

the X-Files was also good last night. it wasn’t on last week so i phoned channel 10 and shouted at the lady on the other end for putting The Blues Brothers on instead. i know it wasn’t her fault. but i needed to vent. i get shit every day when i’m on the phones and it was nice to deal it out for once. besides. nobody is gonna take away my quality X-Files viewing without getting an ear-full.

please excuse my geekishness.

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