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Mike currently lives in Dubai where he spends his time updating his twitter feed more often than keeping current with this far more thoughtful blog. sorry.

Hold your head up high, ’cause tomorrow you may die

So, as promised a quick rundown of the new Ranicd record; Indestructible. I now understand why they went with Warner for their distribution. This record NEEDS to be heard. this is what their last album should have been. a return to what made them great. a return to form. As you’d expect with Rancid, the album has a similar sound ...

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If I fall back down, you’re gonna help me back up again

it’s that time of the year. what time? you ask. why, tax time of course. i filed my first ever tax return last week. and because i was taxed like a motherfucker (read: non resident) for the better part of the last financial year i received a nice cheque for $3299.85. fucking stunning. i’ve never had so much money in ...

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dude. i appologise for my flippant comment before. i can’t even begin to imagine how tough these last few weeks have been for you. i’m glad to hear that everything seems ok. i urge you to be strong and i’m sure that everyone on the site is behind me when i say that we’re all routing for your mum to ...

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…I’d invite you over to look after my small children

well. the harry potter book came out in melbourne today and erin and i happened to go into angus & robertsons in the city. anyways, there were all these people dressed up as wizards and stuff…and they had hired this kid to do magic tricks. he couldn’t have been older than 16. but he was really good. i have never ...

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And Out Come The Wolves

rancid have apparently signed to warner. looks like they’re running with the pack now. fucking crazy. Posted by Mike @ 10:48 PM AST [Link] [3 comments] Replies: 3 comments the last album, which is entitled “Rancid” as well, is a lot heavier than their previous stuff. i believe it’s not to everyone’s taste and a lot the songs aren’t ...

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I Could Write The Best Book on Underage Tragedy

i’d like to start by saying that i’m really digging the new Less than Jake album “Anthem”. it’s really good. “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long time and i wish i’d written it. got another great bargin from ebay today. saved a good $100 on the rrp. you may ...

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Don’t you be so crude and feckless

ok, so i’m in a good mood. check out this fucking cool auction i won on ebay. it normally retails for $500 australian, and i got it for a fraction of the price. and now i can finally start setting up my home studio. however, check out the website of the guy who i won it from. oh ...

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Capture the moment

ok boys and girls. not to detract from edo’s heart-felt and touching post below, but it’s time. “for what?” i hear you ask. for a sample of the upcoming soon to be very shortly in the near future released full-length CD by none other than your friend and mine -JASSA (avid frequenter of the spy-magazine forum and blog comment system). ...

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Look at this morose motherfucker right here

got back from Adelaide on Wednesday. excellent trip. spent an entire week recording Jassa’s new CD. didn’t see sunlight for like 5 days. but it’s done. and we’re happy. and it sounds fucking awesome. select tracks should be available in a few days on for your listening pleasure. I will be spending my four day weekend burning multiple copies. ...

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