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This category broadly covers every variant of Lego products but there are dedicated subsections for the Mini Figures, Modular and Architecture range.

Lego Horizon Express 10233


The building of this Lego train set has been a long time coming.  I searched back and I first blogged about my anticipation for putting this set together back in October 2012! To be honest, this thing was pretty fiddly to build.  The carriages are very fragile and I had to have three gos at putting the window sections together ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 12

No Pants Man, Abraham Lincoln and the Octan Man

The Lego Minifig Series 12 arrived in Australia recently.  You might recall that I mentioned in my blog that after Series 11, I was feeling a bit of burn out with the Lego Mini-fig range.  They pump them out at a rate of one every four Although Series 12 has a number of repeated characters (robots and construction workers), I ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 11


The Lego Minifigs Series 11 came out about a month ago.  Using the time honoured ‘bag-feeling’ method, Jen and I have picked up 14 out of 16 characters so far.  We’re still missing Grandma and Blues Brother.  We’ve been pretty successful with our blind buys so far – we haven’t bought a single duplicate in the entire series. I have ...

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Lego Palace Cinema 10232


Over the long weekend Jen and I built the Palace Cinema, Lego’s modular building for 2013 in its Creator series.  Clocking in at 2196 pieces, its actually a tad smaller than some of its counterparts like the Grand Emporium.  Clearly influenced in design by Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, I thought the set was aesthetically quite pleasing and a lot ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 10


Series 10 of the Lego Minifigs have finally begun to arrive on our shores!  This weekend, Jen and I picked up a handful of packs.  As usual, I sat unhelpfully on the sidelines whilst Jen felt the bags and identified the minifig inside.  She hit a 100% accuracy rate on 14 bags.  That’s right.  We didn’t get a single duplicate. ...

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