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Getting trolled by Virgin Blue

I’ve had to do an unusually frequent amount of travel this year for work.  Between what I did in my old job, a brief 3 month stint working in marketing and attending our quarterly awards nights, I’ve probably flown to Sydney about 10 times this year.  Our company has a policy to always use Virgin Blue and its starting to get me down a bit.

I have now had seven consecutive flights that have been delayed.  It’s not normally by too much.  I’d say I average a half hour delay each time.  Once it was closer to 90 minutes.  It just drives me nuts though.  If its so systematic and ingrained into their flying schedule, why not just advertise all their flights half an hour later?  Its not like there’s lot of interesting things to do at Sydney or Brisbane domestic terminal when I get the dreaded and depressingly regular paging alert that my flight has been delayed again.

What inspired me to write this though is that I woke up the other morning to an email from Virgin Blue and it really turned me around on them.  It was an offer for a free upgrade to Gold Class membership!  Maybe they finally noticed the crappy service they were dolling out to me as a regular customer so they decided to make amends.  Thats the mark of great customer service.

Have a free upgrade

Have a free upgrade

Maybe these guys aren’t so bad after all?  Sometimes these airlines unfairly get a bad rep.  Y’know, even though they are always late and make you pay for onboard meals, at least they recognised me as a valued and loyal cust-


Just kidding


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  1. wow. i think you just got pwned by Sir Richard Branson. weak.

  2. Wow – I would have thought an email like that would have been too good to be true. Thats hilarious especially with a cool “Warm Regards” at the end.

    Its funny as their train service here in the UK is notorious for never running on time too.

  3. Branson is a big dumb jerk for getting my hopes up 🙁

  4. LOL! this is a most excellent burn… I am not laughing at the stitch up, more at the fact that they rescinded it with a smiley bransonface 🙂 i repeat… LOL!

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