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The CRM Farewell Party – So long and thanks for all the memories

We had one of our big company work parties this Friday.  Unfortunately, it was a bittersweet occasion as it was also a night to say farewell to over 150 of our staff who are being made redundant over the next two months.  Whilst I am one of the lucky ones and my position is unaffected, for some of my very close and dear friends it’ll be time to move on from the company shortly.  Of course we’ll all stay in touch but it was a shame to see such an entertaining cast of workmates and colleagues assembled for the last time.  These last six years have been an excellent run.

In this post, I’ve cobbled together a few photos from the assorted company anniversaries, sales conferences, Movembers, Christmas bashes and other occasions we’ve marked together.

Farewell CRM Party, 2010

CRM Farewell Party

3's Fifth Birthday Party

Fifth Birthday Party

Merger Party

A Movember To Remember

Christmas Party 2008

Melbourne Cup Day

Guitar Hero Regional Champions Night

Halloween Havoc

Christmas 2007

Christmas Party 2009

Afterwork Drinks on a Friday

Leadership Conference at the Blue Mountains

For all the partying we did though, and no matter how big a night it was, we made sure that we’d that we never reach that point of no return.  No one ever wanted to see a repeat of the Christmas 2005 party when ol’ Chester drank so much that he passed out on a bench and wet himself.

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