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Def Leppard to tour Australia in October 2011

I was very pleased to learn that my favourite band of all time Def Leppard will be returning to Australia for a tour in October of this year.  An Australian tour is a rare thing for these guys – prior to this occasion, they had only been in town twice in twenty years.

I was there for the 2008 show and it was absolutely amazing.  The only thing that bummed me out was that I bought a really sweet commemorative tour shirt which I promptly managed to lose two weeks later at a hotel in Melbourne when I was there for a work party.  This time I will be more careful.

Lets finish this post with some music.

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  1. And they’re coming to NZ too.. Unfortunately terrible timing for us! Don’t think I’d be able to drag Cherie up to Auckland in October!

    Anyway check his out… I reckon it’s one of the best acoustic songs I’ve ever heard. Back when Joe’s voice worked properly!

  2. Wow that version is awesome. Never heard it before.

  3. There’s a lot of good ones from that show in 1995…

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