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Then It’s Wednesday, Then It’s Thursday, Then It’s Back To Good Ol’ Monday

As Edo is stuck in Brunei forever as he cant get on a flight, Matt is chillin is south australia with Mike, Dan isnt sleeping, and Angela is doing exams. Then there leaves me, and i havent updated for a while so here goes.

Flight back from Glasgow was fine. Stayed at this really nice bed and breakfast opposite a golf course. Then woke up to a well cooked breakfast, nothing to complain about before getting on my return flight to Brussels.

Got on the flight and this chick sits next to me, shes kinda cute and younger so i decide to strike up conversation:

Me: Hi, how are you?
Her: Good, yourself?
Me: Good, so what are you doing going to Brussels
Her: Back to work you know the way it is, how about you?
Me: Going back to school
Her: What are you taking?
Me: International Business and management studies (Beat that!)
Her: Oh cool
Me: What are you doing for work.
Her: Im a lawyer for the European Commission!, I sue countries if they dont obey the EU

So holy shit. So I got the hot poop on all the politics and issues about the EU, it was like being at school. She sues countries, and shes hot. What a find!…of course i didnt see her much afterwoods as i went back to stinky rainy Vlissingen where the train was delayed by an hour and the batteries in my discman ran out. Yay!…cant even listen to Oasis: Be Here now anymore and everyone is speaking French and Dutch so i cant even talk to someone to make the time pass faster.

I did meet some dude from Oregan in the States in Brussels. He said his friends went to Paris without telling him. Shitty for him…i caught my train back.

So back in Vlissingen now. Dad never made it as the plane had some maintenance problems and he didnt want to risk flying it over the Atlantic Ocean. Fair enough, i dont know who would. That kinda sucks though, i was looking forward to seeing him.

Exams started yesterday, done two, three to go. Lets hope i can pass them as my studying habits have been pretty limited. oops.

[Rant] The last four months i have shared a room with this dude carson from this hick town in Canada called Lumby. I mean roommates are fine…but theres ONE room with a kitchen and bathroom. This guy eats pizza everyday, never brushes his teeth, never cleans his shit up, sleeps with no sheets, and hangs this huge Canadian flag up at the window. Most days i just leave for school and then eat at someone elses house, then go out at night leaving the place really for sleeping. Today i stay at home…clean the house and then he comes back and messes it all up again. Fuck…so i rip the Canadian flag ask him to pay the money back that he owed me, and count the days that i dont have to live in this dump dorm/room with him. Ok…so hes a nice enough, easy going guy…but let this be a lesson to anymore. Dont share a room with someone, flat yeah, house yeah, but not room…even if it means you paying much extra…it just aidnt worth it

We are planning to party hard on friday to celebrate the last weekend in Vlissingen. Will do a leaving post next week recapping the whole experience. But i am definetly more excited to move to London than sad to leave here.

This summer i am planning to visit orange county for a week to visit my buddy Shaun whos moving there, how far is that from Santa Barbara Sam?

All for now

Posted by Pat @ 11:07 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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come to Australia! you know you want to…

funny enough, what that EU chick does is what i’m aiming to do in life. crazy.

Posted by Matt @ 01/16/2004 09:48 AM AST

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