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Australian Goodness

Well there we have it… phase two of my gap year is up and running!! WOO! Yes i arrived nice and sound in Melbourne and was not stopped at customs by big scary (but oh so cute) sniffer dogs. WOO!

I flew to singapore with Ben and we wondered around aimlessly to eat much foods… then he proceeded to whip my ass 10-1 in games of 9-ball pool… ass.

How long does it take you to get ripped-off when on holiday? me? it didnt even wait til i was in australia… in singapore i went to change money into aussie dollars and the guy gave me three aussie $2 notes… it wasnt til later that i learnt that the australian $2 hasnt been used in many years and is now completly worthless… people will laugh and point at me. i will be the but of all jokes. ass.

In good news Ben’s mum, K-rol, gave me a Thien-Hock shirt as a leaving present!! WOOOO!! I have now become the 3rd person in the history to have this shirt (behind Ben and Jess)! how awesome is that! you will bow-down to me and my shirt! ace.

Flight to Aus was long… plus ALL the entertainment on the flight wasnt working so i had to settle for reading the new Michael Moore book “Dude, where’s my country”… dam good. WOO!

The plan? i’m off job-searching sometime soon… although to be perfectly honest i dont really work here, but i need something to help me travel around, and some money never goes amiss.

So far its been going like this: Mike goes to work, i wake up late and talk to erin all day and play with the guinee pigs (spl?). Its so sweet that my bro has his own place… he must feel achieved.

I did my first bit of “responsability thing” today… i called the department of immigration and they told me that my visa was ok and there was no problems:

Me: Hello immigration guy
Him: Hi
Me: I have a visa
Him: Awesome… does it have writting on it and the australian seal?
Me: Yes
Him: Cool no problems there then
Me: Ace.

That was that then… they guy couldnt have been much over 20 and was pretty decent… i will invite him to my birthday party in july.

Edo and Ben come here in febuary… it will be much rocks! although i think edo should come sooner so we can laugh much and explore this city together… little boy in big city syndrome.

Just wanted to tell the people back in brunei that i miss them… take care my northside-brunei brethren, you will not be forgotten.

and ishan: you are cool boots. spread the word my friend… spread the word.


Posted by Matt @ 11:41 AM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

matty matty matty, i wanna feel so good with you.
didn’t know you were in australia, you always kept secrets from me…
so hey give me a buzz, i’ll be trippin out on clarkycat and triple sod, going ‘jessopjessopjessop’, and my arms will feel like a couple of fortnights in a bad balloon. anyway, word bitch, email me.

Posted by the good king wenceslas @ 01/15/2004 04:53 AM AST

Jassa, i heard a horror story that you wernt gonna be in adelaide in march! “what da hell man!”. letme know when your gonna be around and i’ll try materalise a date to come over.

Posted by Matt @ 01/14/2004 10:34 AM AST

matt! when are you gettin’ your ass down to sunny ol’ adelaide. i expect you, mike, erin, edo, and whoever else to drop by some time soon. peas out!

Posted by jassa @ 01/14/2004 07:40 AM AST

gonna miss ya buddy, sucked munky sphincter that i cudnt get a chance to say gd bye to u bruss, had sum awesome times. For the love of GOD! my anus is BLEEDING!!!!

Posted by Ihsan @ 01/13/2004 09:48 PM AST

(points finger) hahahahahaha….two dollar notes…hahahahahaha….



…oh that is good.

Posted by Edo @ 01/13/2004 08:14 PM AST

Hey! we miss you too! glad you made it ok. hehehehe – yea the $2 coin has been in for a while now! oh well. did you get my e-mail? write back when you get the chance.

Posted by Batgirl @ 01/13/2004 04:47 PM AST

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