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The Cappuccino Years


It’s been so long since I’ve done this that I can already feel the rust cramping up my blogging fingers. Enough has happened in the past few years of my life to make a different person out of anyone, but strangely enough it’s only looking back on it now that I can see just how much has happened.

A quick summary for the uninitiated: finished my undergrad, met my fiance, started my first proper full-time job at a pathology lab, applied for graduate med, quit my job and started med, became an uncle and started planning next year’s wedding. Along the way there was a myriad of other things that fill up a person’s life in between the memorable moments that are no less important in defining that person but perhaps not really worth writing down.

So the next few weeks will be an exercise in remembering how to blog. In the meantime, however, I’m off to do some study for mid-year exams. I’ve got a theological exam next week. I wish I was kidding. Theology is apparently a compulsory part of my course, without which knowledge I couldn’t possibly make a good medical practitioner. Good night.


Still hasn’t changed a bit over these years.

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  1. Dan your all grown up these days apart from I can’t believe you are still studying!! 🙂

  2. What kind of questions do you answer in a theological exam?

    Also, how have you managed to look the same after all these years? I’ve put on a couple of pounds and Pat is a giant hambeast nowadays.

  3. Pat: I understand now why people can’t go back to studying after working. There really is no comparison between that and earning money for what you’re doing. Hopefully shouldn’t take too long though.

    Edo: 1) What contribution can spirituality and theology make to Medicine?
    2) What professional and pastoral qualities are essential for patient-doctor relationships and how can both parties become transformed?

    And so on and so forth. I plan to just make stuff up and write about compassion, suffering and the healing power of Jesus Christ. That should get me a few extra marks.

    I have gained a few kilos like everyone else, but because I was so underweight before it’s pushed me up into the “normal” range now.

  4. Hambeast! Coming from the man who has more chins than a chinese phonebook

  5. Coming from the man who has more chins than a chinese phonebook

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