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Initial Impressions – The Nintendo 3DS


My parents bought me my first ever video game console for my eleventh birthday – a Super Nintendo.  You got a lot more bang for your buck back then.  It came bundled with two controllers and a free copy of Super Mario World, one of the greatest platform games ever made and surely one of the greatest launch titles for ...

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E3 2011


The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is often described as a Christmas time for gamers.  It’s where new consoles and video games are often unveiled for the first time and each major hardware company unveils their vision for the year ahead.  The 2011 edition was expected to be a biggie.  Both Sony and Nintendo had new hardware to reveal which is ...

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Wife is splendiferous

Came home today to find Jen had picked up a little something on the way home from work.  Nintendo’s latest fitness game Wii Fit Plus. Now I can stay in shape while playing Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 all weekend. Jen <3

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