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New Clothes. Win. Being Broke. Fail.

I have a girl gene that requires me to constantly lust after new clothes and spend hours compiling a mental wish list of things I really have to have! Of course this always happens at the worst times- ie the week before pay day. Today is the Autumnal Equinox, offically marking the start of Autumn. I went shopping for a winter coat on Saturday despite it still being a reasonably balmy 22 degrees.

As 99% of the time I don’t have the cash to splash, I’m nearly always on ebay or on the hunt for discount codes. And getting inspiration from these lovely ladies. Meet Tavi the fashion genius that all the fashion blogs and fashionistas are raving about. She’s 13 years old but has caused a may-jah rumble in the fashion world. And ridiculously funny. See her rap homage to Rei Kawakubo for H&M posted last year. I love this girl.

My other favorite is Fashion Toast run by Rumi Neely (whose hair I covet )I also bought an awesome blazer jacket from her a couple of months ago. Rumi makes me want to run away to California in my own pair of giant Chloe boots.

Maybe it’s all the running around smelly dogs all day, or working with macho men, but recently my girly factor has upped and I find myself doing my nails every weekend. Although yesterday I showed up to work with one eye made up and the other bare. I was Battersea’s Harvey Dent for the day, one side made up -the other hideous.

I thought I was in love with Chris Isaak after listening to Somebody’s Crying, then wikipedia told me he was 53. That feeling went out the window right away.

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  1. almost! old school london boys who have a no nonsense approach and call me the guvnor.

  2. hahaha! i wish!

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