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Initial Impressions – Xbox One


OVERVIEW The video game industry has not been kind to the eighth generation of game consoles.  In the past three years I’ve written about the launch and my initial impressions of the Nintendo 3DS, the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U and all have had a somber and pessimistic tone to their prospects in the marketplace.  Today, each system ...

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Initial Impressions – Wii U


Meet the New U Even as an adult, I still feel a giddy excitement for the launch of a new video game console.  There’s an extra layer of nostalgia that you can add on top of that when it’s a Nintendo system.  It’s been six years but here we are with the Nintendo Wii U, the successor to Nintendo’s monstrously ...

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Initial Impressions – Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita - looks awesome, plays well.  I hope this thing does well.

I’ll just come out and say it.  I never really liked the Playstation Portable.  In 2004 it was Sony’s first foray into portable gaming and I felt they delivered a subpar system.  I dislike it for all the well-worn reasons that have been covered by non-believers:  It’s a system that can run Playstation 2 quality graphics but it only has ...

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Initial Impressions – The Nintendo 3DS


My parents bought me my first ever video game console for my eleventh birthday – a Super Nintendo.  You got a lot more bang for your buck back then.  It came bundled with two controllers and a free copy of Super Mario World, one of the greatest platform games ever made and surely one of the greatest launch titles for ...

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Initial Impressions – Rock Band 3

After three long years of waiting, Rock Band 3 was finally released instores today.  Jen was nice enough to pick up a copy of the game for me after work.  It’s the sequel to my favourite game of the past decade or so and as co-operative video games go, there’s nothing Jen and I enjoy more than unwinding for an ...

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Initial Impressions – The iPad


Australia and The Rest of the World had their iPad launch day on Friday 28th May.  Always a sucker for Day One launches, I went along with Jen to the Chermside Apple Store for an 8 am opening.  We got there around 7ish and there were about 150 people in front of us. As launch day line up crowds go, ...

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Initial Impressions – Halo Reach Beta

I spotted another player and flew in for the kill!

The Halo Reach multiplayer beta was made available to the public today so I thought I would download it and give it a go. For the uninitiated, Halo Reach is the final Halo game to be made by Bungie before they move onto bigger and better things.  Its also the first time they’ve entirely overhauled the multiplayer component of the ...

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Initial impressions – FIFA 10


For the first time in four years, I’ve picked up a new football game: FIFA 10. I blogged at length about this previously, around the time Edge Magazine put FIFA on its cover and heralded it as the premiere video game franchise, taking the title back from Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven. I’m looking forward to playing a season of the ...

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