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Initial Impressions – Rock Band 3

After three long years of waiting, Rock Band 3 was finally released instores today.  Jen was nice enough to pick up a copy of the game for me after work.  It’s the sequel to my favourite game of the past decade or so and as co-operative video games go, there’s nothing Jen and I enjoy more than unwinding for an evening session with this game.  Jen does the vocals, I play guitar.

Rock Band 3 – great game or greatest game?

Whats kinda cool is that after the crappy distribution deal we got in Australia where Rock Band 2 wasn’t even released for some reason (I had to buy my copy in the UK), Rock Band 3 actually came out in Australia before anywhere else in the rest of world.  What this means is that for a short period of time, every song Jen and I play, we usually rank in the leaderboards as being one of the top ten scores in the world.

It’s not often you see the Salt Monkeys rated as one of the best Green Day coverbands in the world but here’s the proof.

The Salt Monkeys finally nailed that solo in Green Day’s When I Come Around

I am literally the best player in the world at guitar for Against Me’s Thrash Unreal (for the next five minutes approx.)

I <3 this series.

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  1. did you achieve almostbestbandintheworld status whilst wearing the batman suit? cause that would be double win right there.

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