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The Cappuccino Years

Right. It’s been so long since I’ve done this that I can already feel the rust cramping up my blogging fingers. Enough has happened in the past few years of my life to make a different person out of anyone, but strangely enough it’s only looking back on it now that I can see just how much has happened. A ...

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“Hey hey! I just finished my LAST EVER UNIT so I’m on a bit of a high at the moment.” – Me, October 30th 2003. Okay, so as it turned out, I miscalculated by about 100 days but I can tell you now, that I have finally finished my degree. I went in to see Robin Teo today to ask ...

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Rainy Saturdays

Woke up to the sound of rain this morning. It was very peaceful… I could have stayed there snuggled up under the covers forever. In fact, I think I probably should have considering the productivity of my day so far. Which would be very little. I’ve spent all afternoon flicking through my CD’s trying to find something appropriate for my ...

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Panicking? Who’s panicking?

Damn, almost out of time. My media law exam is in half an hour. I dont know whereabouts it is tho. Got back yesterday, in a good mood despite sitting next to the world’s smelliest boy on the airplane. Got into the flat, made a sandwich, unpacked, got showered and zonked out on the couch until everyone woke up HOURS ...

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Curtin Razor

Last night was the big end of year film screening for Curtin. Went with Dan and the bastard immediately tries to show me up by knowing quite a few people there. He recognized some dudes from his club and some other dude who went to high school with him. No Curtin Razor Night is complete without some sort of cock ...

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I Feel Yuck

Too many assignments due tomorrow. Did no work yesterday. Worked on Mcgee’s film shoot then went home and got loaded. Now its Sunday morning and I feel like crap and I have a sore throat and there is only beer to drink in the house and I have no money. Yuck. Posted by Edo @ 05:37 AM AST [Link] [1 ...

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