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Food and Drink

The FAT Website bloggers are passionate about discovering good food and drink from around the world. This subcategory is dedicated to exploring diners, cafes and restaurants from all regions. The food blog covers everything from the cheeseburger at your local diner to Michelin star fine dining restaurants.

Blogs From America – American Burgers


I’m currently reading the memoirs of Roger Ebert, the famous film critic and one of my favourite writers.  I’m up to a chapter that is entirely dedicated to praising the Shake n’ Steak fast food chain. The Steakburger is a symphony of taste and texture.  Steak n’ Shake has always boasted “We grind all the select cuts – sirloin, porterhouse, ...

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Bone and Bread

For Jen’s birthday, I took her to one of Brisbane’s most decorated new restaurants.  Esquire’s head chef is Ryan Squires, formerly of Buffalo Club fame.  It’s been three years since we dined at Buffalo Club but it still rates highly for Jen and I as one of our favourite dining experiences so we eagerly awaited Squires’ new venture.  His food ...

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Tank Restaurant

Sashimi and sushi platter

Tank Restaurant is a dining experience after my own heart.  It’s run by a Scottish chef who likes Japanese food and decided to live in Australia to serve it.  You can often see chef/owner Alastair McLeod pottering away in the kitchen thanks to the restaurant’s revealing glass panel walls.  I don’t really watch much free-to-air television in Australia but apparently ...

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Brisbane Food Bowl 2012


On Sunday, I attended the inaugural ‘Delectable’ Brisbane Food Bowl, a sort of Big Day Out designed for people like me who dedicate large portions of their weekends to eating.  Hosted at Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens, its an event where a bunch of restaurants set up a kiosk and sell one of their dishes for five to ten bucks.  The event ...

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Mario Sarti


I’ve worked in Toowong for the better part of five years now.  It’s a great area.  It takes me ten minutes to get to and from work, there’s a decent pub right next to the office and there’s a pretty great selection of food in the nearby vicinity. Mario Sarti is a fine Italian restaurant is one such place that ...

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Nu Nu


Nestled in Palm Cove at the Peppers Resort is Nu Nu, one of Australia’s most decorated regional restaurants.  The eatery has a casual, unassuming decor that fits in right at home with the rest of the Williams Esplanade.  The plastic deck chairs remind me of the Serasa Yacht Club that I went to as a kid.  The menu, put together ...

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Pony Lounge & Dining


Pony Lounge & Dining is a tapas eatery that Jen and I stumbled across while wandering around The Rocks in Sydney.  It’s a pretty trendy looking bistro that offers up a modern Australian form of tapas which basically means its a hodge podge of food from just about everywhere.  For our seven courses we had a mixture of meats, seafood ...

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The Sydney Long Weekend


Jen and I went away to Sydney as our good friend Zara was getting married to her fiancee Nick.  We made a mini-holiday out of the occasion and got away for four nights.  We managed to cram a fair bit in. On Thursday night while Jen was at Zara’s hens night, I caught up with my friend Nick.  Nick was ...

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Brent’s Restaurant

Blue swimmer crab, green apple granita, chive crème fraiche & baby herb

I first had someone recommend Brent’s Restaurant to me about four years ago.  I’ve heard about the place on and off since then.  The feedback is always positive but the place is so low key that I only really got around to making reservations for the place a fortnight ago. In hindsight, I wish I had made that call sooner.  ...

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Organic Char


Organic Char is a spin-off restaurant from the famous Brisbane steak restaurant Cha Cha Char.  Organic Char opened in June last year and emphasizes ingredients that are sourced from organic, natural and sustainable sources. Beyond that, the dishes themselves can best be described as modern Australian cuisine that incorporate a range of meat, seafood and vegetarian options.  The menu is ...

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