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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: One World Episode 3 – “Bum-puzzled”

You would presume that after twenty six seasons and over four hundred episodes of Survivor, everything that could happen, has happened.  We’ve seen people voluntarily give up individual immunity (Erik the Ice Cream Scooper), get voted out when holding two immunity idols (James), fake the death of a relative so they could go on a reward trip (Johnny Fairplay).  You ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: One World

After about four or five seasons of major tinkering, Survivor One World feels like a return to roots for the grand daddy of reality tv shows, now running its 24th season.  The last few seasons of Survivor have been of varying quality but they all felt like they moved too far away from the basic formula of the show and ...

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TV Show Round Up: House of Lies, The Layover, The Walking Dead Season Two, Black Mirror, Homeland Season One Finale, Survivor Season 23 Finale, Life’s Too Short


Black Mirror Black Mirror is a three part futuristic drama created by Charlie Brooker.  Each episode is thematically related in showing a rather bleak and morbid view of how the future could be if taken to an extreme length.  Some of the themes and motifs that are covered include 24 hour news media, reality television, social networking and video game ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: South Pacific, Frozen Planet, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova, American Horror Story

Survivor: South Pacific – Season 23 – “Double Agent” *contains spoilers for episode eight’s eviction* The latest season of Survivor has really hit its stride with the eighth episode as the two tribes head into a merger and with several players on the show now carrying pretty compelling stories leading into the final few episodes.  Of the two returning players, ...

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TV Show Round Up: Q&A, Survivor: Redemption Island and America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis

Q&A Anyone who’s kept up with The FAT Website over the years will know that one of my favourite forms of television entertainment is politics.  Modern day politics is all about sound bytes, spectacle, name-calling and muck raking.  Whether its Silvio Burlusconi having bunga bunga parties, Donald Trump running for the White House or Muammar Gaddafi giving a speech under ...

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