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TFW Book Club: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

I’d always been interested in reading a Chuck Palahniuk novel.  His books are very popular amongst many of my friends, he has a reputation for subversive writing and is the author of Fight Club, which translated into an excellent film.  So a friend lent me a copy of Survivor.  I finished reading it last night. Survivor tells the story of ...

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Whatcha Readin’ and Playin’

My wife is super awesome.  She had the day off from work today but made time to pick up a copy of the new Halo game for me.  So when I came home today, I bought the two girls in the apartment some ice cream, left them in front of a tv with True Blood on and then sat down ...

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Survivor: Samoa 1901

The nineteenth season of Survivor kicked off this weekend.  For Survivor: Samoa, they’ve cast 20 new players, and aside from the usual archetypes that the show has (insane old woman, sociopathic troll etc) they have also gone to extra special lengths to get around the ‘hot chick gets voted off first’ trend that has plagued the show in recent years.  ...

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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition FINAL CHAPTER

Day 5- The final chapter The last people on the island are Rod, Pat, Jamie and TimDog. Tension was high as this was the day when the winner would be decided; the prize to bash another FAT member of their choice. Tim was now smoking insects as he had got sick of leaves, he was also drinking muddy water in ...

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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Four

Day 4 Today everyone had extreme hangovers and Dan had got alcohol poisoning and later died. Pat and Rod laughed again. The only person who was remotely feeling allright was Timdog who was so used to drinking, the previous day was just like another walk in the park for him. Sam was still sleeping in his pile of leaves/bugs and ...

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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Three


Day 3 The wrestling match had sparked lots of anger in the group, mainly directed at Rod for his savage attacks. Dan even went so far to say “I am rather miffed at Rod”. Tim at this time had ran out of smokes and turned to smoking the local tree leaves. He became ill very soon, whilst Sam was doing ...

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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Two

Day 2 After Matt left the island the tension was up on who would leave next. Matt was still not seen but rumoured to have been spotted humping a coconet tree, but that was Edo speaking so it is likely to be untrue. Tim was running out of cigarettes as he only brought twenty five packs to the island, but ...

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