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  1. Hmm not sure i dig those that much. Seem a bit simplistic?

    I’ve just finished “Queen Anne’s Revenge” ship from Pirates of the Caribbean series and it looks really good I think. Probably the best looking ship Lego have made to date.

  2. And how come the Burj khalifa has a 12+ rating? Looks like it’s just a bit of endlessly stacking those round cylinders on top of each other! 😉

  3. I quite like the minimalist style. Plus, if they made a larger Burj Khalifa, it would still be stacking those damned cylinders but instead there’d be like 5,000 of them.

    I’ll check out the Queen Anne’s Revenge. I <3 Lego pirate ships.

  4. I picked it up new for a steal off trademe… Still $160 though!

    Lego: so damn expensive yet so good. Is it really worth the money? I guess if we pay the price then it must be. Market demand and all that.

  5. Just don’t look at the price for the Lego Taj Mahal which must hold some kind of record for mark-ups.

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