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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

Blinkity Blank Blank Blank Blank

So i had a good Valentine’s Day. I felt like a Lady. Ooh-er. I got the biggest bunch of flowers i’ve ever seen in my life, then we went to see Lord of the Rings because i am perhaps the only person in the world who hadn’t seen it yet, then dinner at Wagamama’s. All I got Rob was a ...

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Sticky mascara iiick

Okay, so I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not doing a whole lot this week. Last week, my meeting with my tutor got cancelled for two weeks. So, that day i did nothing, but i did go to the bar Soultrainer stylie and had a merry time. I actually had a lecture on Tuesday, that was an ...

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Talllyhoooooo! So it snowed lots. There were plenty of snowfights, lots of sliding on ice and soggy gloves. For one day only. It was great walking across the bridge at Kenton…well sliding down it on my shoes. We escaped to the pub round the corner for a while, and drank lots and warmed our hands around our…glasses of beer and ...

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I Want To Be Pretty In Pink

Let’s see… These past few days I have been a fairly busy little girl. Went to the bar with just Anna and we drank and people watched. I introduced her to Kensai so she didnt think i was just talking to some random crazy french boy. Ali, the crazy guy who hollers Netball at me was there. He pretended to ...

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The Adventure of a Monkey Girl

Me and Erin are starting to own this blog. I’m sat in the library typing away the last of my log book. I have a really runny nose, and no tissue to blow it. So for the past half hour i’ve had to take sneaky wipes with my hand. Oooh, so nice! Also just realised that i’ve been breathing with ...

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Panicking? Who’s panicking?

Damn, almost out of time. My media law exam is in half an hour. I dont know whereabouts it is tho. Got back yesterday, in a good mood despite sitting next to the world’s smelliest boy on the airplane. Got into the flat, made a sandwich, unpacked, got showered and zonked out on the couch until everyone woke up HOURS ...

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The Truffle Shuffle

4am, I can’t sleep. Its not fair, its one of my last remaining pleasures in life. Off on Monday. Back to being Netball Captain again. Called Luan seeing as lyin in bed and NOT falling asleep seemed a stupid idea, but this turned out crap cuz everyone is in the shittiest of moods ever. And I’m last one back once ...

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Jingle Bells

So uni is out for a while. Me and Luan have invaded the gym with hash cakes and fried rice and are just hanging out with the boys here like lsoers. Its a friday night…we’re in our wild twenties. So much for bigging it up! We were supposed to get tickerts to go to Westwood’s gig, but they sold out. ...

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